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I hadn’t tasted gourmet coffee beans before, why would I, coffee beans are all the same right? On a whim I reached deep in my purse and ordered kona coffee online at, which it’s not my usual brew from the grocery store at maybe $10 – 12 per can. I was a little more than curious, “considering the price” it should have been aged in redwood for a hundred years! Wow! There are so many brands online and reviews, I must have read about a thousand different types of coffee from organic, too espresso, I even found gourmet beans online, all claiming to be the best coffee in the world. After a small whole bean or ground debate with a lot of review reading I determined Peaberry coffee beans were just my cup of beans, excuse my coffee buyers pun! I’m thinking this better be the world’s best or it will be the last I get my husband to try 60 dollar a pound gourmet coffee.

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The aroma wasn’t the typical department store coffee aroma. It filled the whole house; walking to the kitchen reasoning the coffee had come in the mail and even though afternoon my husband had ground the beans and brewed some up. I was ready for the world’s best cup of Joe; he had me at the intense aroma. My husband laughed and said he didn’t open it, just removed it from the box and put it on the coffee shelf. We waited till morning which started early with kona coffee beans ground fresh.

We sat silent enjoying the first cup, I reached for the pot and my favorite other said “I can’t believe we drank that stuff from Costco all these years”. LOL! A man that never made it out of bed before me now wakes me with the aroma of Hawaiian coffee most mornings! I’m the one asking why oh why I didn’t get this man addicted to kona coffee beans 20 years ago!

We were both absolutely amazed and trust me my husband is hard to impress;

He’s totally sold on Kona Coffee as the all-time Best Gourmet Coffee!.

A completely unexpected flavor, which is how I would describe it, so unique some hints were unfamiliar while scrumptious, it was the hint of chocolate that has kept me ordering and filling our mugs with gourmet espresso beans from Kona. We tried them as green coffee beans and attempted roasting them ourselves, fun but better to buy beans from professional Hawaii roasters. If you have been searching for a better coffee take it from me don’t wait 20 years like I did to find a special brew with volcanic bean flavor, try this website: buy the worlds kona coffee beans online today though it is costly it has paid for itself in Honey do’s.